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V5 uses 2x LME49713 current-feedback opamps configured as dual-mono audio amplifier. These are ultra-low distortion/noise, ultra high slew rate opamps optimized and fully specified for high-performance, high-output, high-fidelity audio applications.

Below shows a basic diagram of a dual-mono amplifier. In a dual-mono design left and right channels share no internal components. Each have their own dedicated DC power source. This eliminates mutual interference + current sharing between channels hence creates better channel separation. Overall results are better stereo image, improved sonics, lower distortion and noise.


LME49713 key features:


CURRENT FEEDBACK CIRCUIT: This type of circuit design is simpler than other designs hence allowing music, not the amplifier, to be heard.


HIGH SLEW RATE: Audio signals are complex waves of many different shapes having fundamental frequencies in the range of 20Hz - 20Khz but also many higher harmonics. To preserve the original signals it is essential that most of these harmonics amplified accurately. LME49713 circuit design have very high band-width and slew rate of 1900V/us that prevents odd order distortion anomalies.


CURRENT ON DEMAND:  This feature enables the amplifier to respond quickly and linearly when necessary without the risk of output distortion. When large amount of output power are suddenly needed, the amplifier can respond extremely quickly without raising the noise floor of the system and degrading signal-to-noise ratio.


HIGH OUTPUT: V5 is very comfortable driving wide range of loads. Output current capability of +-100mA ensures that most challenging loads are driven without compromise. In voltage terms V5 can deliver 7.5v(peak-to-peak) into 33R and 16v(peak-to-peak) into 330R lods. Making V5 highly suitable for low or high impedance headphones.


GAIN INDEPENDENT: Frequency response that allows the full bandwidth of  the amplifier to be used in low or high gain settings. This allows minimum change in sound signature between gain settings.



Layout of the V5 PCB is very carefully designed. Compared to V4 there are larger value smoothing capacitors and improved higher current virtual-ground circuit. Opamps are placed absolute center of the PCB for maximum audio performance!

All soldering are done by hand! Hand soldering provides excellent flow of solder around the component contacts hence final finished joints are done to very high standards, resulting in highest possible sound quality.


Other Design Features:

-USB re-chargeable via micro-usb input

-Samsung li-ion batteries with on-board protection

-3.5mm input jack socket

-6.35mm or 3.5mm output jack options

-Dual gain:

Supplied With:

-UK type 5v USB power-supply-unit
(Adaptors are given for EURO, USA and AUSTRALIA type mains sockets)

-Rubber feet